"In Chinese medicine, balance is the key to a healthy life. Both Daoist and classic medical texts emphasise the importance of connecting to nature, following a lifestyle that avoids extremes and having a compationate heart. But we don’t automatically stay balanced without conscious effort. Due to various factors balance can be lost which, if not addressed, will over time result in physical or emotional issues. Unique treatments in the clinic - herbs and acupuncture - can restore balance and dramantically improve your condition and quality of life. But help does not stop there. You also get guidance on nutrition, recovery practices and self-cultivation so that you can independently and continuously stay healthy and happy. Making it possible to live the life filled with joy, purpose and compassion is probably the biggest value of Chinese medicine!"


- Marina Danilova, MD CLINIC

While Western medicine excels in life threatening conditions that require surgical or drug intervention, Chinese medicine offers a natural and effective alternative in managing chronic disorders and discomfort, improving your quality of life and helping you achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle and vitality.


In Chinese medicine, the goal of all treatments is to preserve health, restore the balance and enhance self-healing. The priority is to benefit life, make you stronger and happier rather than just provide a symptomatic relief, True health is not just an absence of disease but having purpose and power to live to one's fullest potential and enjoy life!


Fertility treatment for both men and women; irregular, heavy or painful periods; PMS; PCOS; endometriosis; ovarian cysts and myomas; hot flashes and other symptoms in menopausal and post-menopausal women



Stress, anxiety, depression; behavioural disorders in children and teenagers; conditions linked to emotional issues like insomnia, headaches, tiredness, digestive problems


Chronic body pains, fatigue and other symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or autoimmune conditions


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