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Helping others by helping yourself

14 March 2017 \\ Update

I admire many advancements of the modern medicine, and I know doctors who are my personal heroes. We can criticize the western healthcare system all we want, and it is true it has gaps and issues, but when one’s condition is critical or life-threatening there is no doubt it is a huge blessing to have an access to the high quality healthcare, like in Sweden!


Not everywhere people are that fortunate though. In Russia, the country I come from, there is often no money in the system, and people turn to friends and charity organizations to fund the necessary treatment. It is sad and shameful. On the other hand, it is moving and reassuring to know how fundamentally good people are, how generously they help others even when they don’t have much themselves.


One of such organisations in Russia is the Charity Fund of Konstantin Khabensky ( - the site is in Russian only). The fund is helping children diagnosed with brain tumours and other serious brain conditions. I am pleased to share that MD CLINIC Malmo has donated 3% from the 2016 turnover to this fund. It means that all patients of the clinic have contributed to this donation, for which I am grateful! Isn’t it a wonderful idea to help yourself improve your health, and by this help others at the same time!!



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