In my clinic I employ the Hunyuan Fertility Method founded by Dr. Yaron Seidman. While western medicine aims at creating conception (e.g. IVF) often simply bypassing a problem and leaving it for the next generation to deal with, Hunyuan method strengthens the patient's health so that the conception can occur naturally and the health of the future mother and a baby is maximised. With this method herbal medicine is usually the treatment of choice. When necessary emotional support, acupuncture, exercise, or food therapy are applied in addition. The treatment is carried out over six to nine months, on average.


I also help women with endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, various period and menopausal issues. Western medicine approach for treating these conditions is pain medication, hormonal treatment, and surgery. Pain and hormonal therapy address the symptoms without providing a permanent fix. They often cause mild to severe side effects, including heavy uterine bleeding and menopausal symptoms. It also can be harmful to a baby if you get pregnant while taking hormonal medication. Surgery, particularly total hysterectomy, is typically considered a last resort, especially for women still in their reproductive years. Even though these conditions seriously affect your life and may be a cause of infertility, they are rarely critical enough to require an immediate invasive treatment. I therefore strongly believe that women should consider natural options first. After a few months of treatment at my clinic, primarily with herbs and acupuncture, patients report feeling healthier and stronger overall.

"I came to Marina to treat a large ovarian cyst. After a few months of treatment I am happy to report that my severe period pain reduced significantly and I can now avoid taking large dosage of painkillers. After an ultrasound check my gynaecologist confirmed 40% reduction in the cyst size and said the ovary removal surgery he suggested earlier was no longer necessary!"

Female, 38, Malmo





From the perspective of classical Chinese science, every aspect of human being - body, mind, emotions - as well the environment we live in are interconnected, any disorder affects the whole being. Inappropriate emotions, overwork, stress, loss, extreme life style choices can all affect our health resulting in lack of energy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and other serious issues.


Treatment at the clinic - herbs and/or acupuncture - normally dramatically improve your condition and quality of life. But the Chinese medicine does not stop there. Any holistic approach to health involves taking responsibility for one’s life. Part of my job as a practitioner is to empower my patients to take charge of their own health. Rest and recovery, connecting to nature, self-cultivation should be given a particular importance if you want to preserve life and avoid ill health. I provide guidance on how to achieve it in practice by means of lifestyle choices, meditation, self-reflection and contemplation. True transformation in health happens when our mind is flexible and open, our actions are spontaneous and correct, our emotions are proper.

"Going to see Marina has had significant results on both my physical and mental health. For five years now, I have been on heavy prescription medication with a lot of severe side effects. Thanks to her great knowledge in both herbs and acupuncture I have been able to steadily decrease my prescription intake. Constant pains and tensions have been remarkably reduced. I mentally feel more awake and aware, motivated and stable towards my surroundings and myself. Rather than providing a quick fix, she puts effort into truly finding the source of my pain and strengthening my body which greatly improves my quality of life. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do today if it weren’t for her help and thorough care. One could explain it as such that I have been drowning for 5 years and through her tailored approach she has brought me back to the surface. "

Male, 20, Lund




Modern technology makes it possible to get help without physically visiting the clinic. You may be located anywhere in the world, all you need is to speak English and have high-speed internet..


During an initial online consultation we discuss your concerns and treatment strategy, as well as if and how we can see it through on distance. As an example, herbs can be shipped by post and follow up meetings carried out online. Sometimes getting a professional opinion and guidance is all it takes to be able to make changes to benefit your life and wellbeing.


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